Why do people care so much about celebrity net worth?

You will find people talking about all sorts of strange things on the internet. For instance, there are discussions on what a character of some soap opera must have done. Also people talk about the love affairs of different famous personalities. Another one of such things is the celebrity net worth. It is a little hard to think why people care about this so much. There seems to be no point of knowing the net worth of a stranger. Sure you have seen those people in movies and papers, but you do not know them. And there is a slim chance that you will ever even see them in person. The info people should really care about is that how much baskets their favorite player scored or how many good movies their favorite actor did. This makes the concept of celebrity net worth feel quite useless. But when so many people care about this so much, there is to be something. So, let’s try to look at it from a different angle.

 A lot of people like to follow celebrities. To know more and more about the life of a person who is successful can actually inspire you. If you know that your favorite player did a lot of struggle to become so good, you will get the courage to do the same. You can know about their childhood, get their career updates and read their views on social media. Besides all the info about them you can also get the celebrity net worth, which tells you how their struggle has paid off.
 Your favorite celerity can be an actor or singer or even athlete. So, their success in respective career will be measured in different ways. But with net worth you can use the same term to evaluate their success.