What is the meaning of Signage and what are its uses?

Signage today are found in every nook and corner, whether it is outside the homes or any restaurants. They usually are the graphics made to flaunt the information about that particular building to the targeted audience. Today it has become the most important form of marketing for various company and owners. They vary in size and form, mainly based on the locations where they are being placed.

What are the main purposes of signage boards?
• Providing information – this is the first and the main use of signage. It conveys the information about a specific company like its services and facilities.
• Direction – most of the signs show directions with the help of directional arrows, maps, sign posts, etc. it helps in locating the key areas.
• Identification – sign boards helps to identify the services and facilities easily. Examples room numbers, room names, floor designations, restroom signs, etc.
• Safety – you might have seen various signs on the roads and places that indicate you to do and not to do few activities. These are regulatory signs such as exit, traffic signs, signs conveying rules and regulations and warning signs.

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