Types of merino wool hat

Merino wool is a breed of sheep. Merino is famous for its softness and fineness. Merino Wool Beanie is good for babies because they are soft and tender in nature. Merino Wool Beanie, a type of hat is available for both genders.

Different type is available in different online websites. Let’s have a look at few of them with some details
● Lightweight beanie: This beanie is made with hundred percent merino wool. This lightweight beanie will provide warmth to head. Merino Wool Beanie does not require dry clean. One should not use bleach either. It should be washed with normal water.
● Eco Friendly beanie: As the name suggest, it’s not harmful to you and your surroundings. They are made from pure organic materials without using any harmful chemicals.
● Pure material beanie: They are made from raw and pure Merino wool and are loved by people who are a fan of genuine Merino wool.
● Mixed beanie: They are fancy ones which are made of both Merino wool and other synthetic materials. These synthetic addition provides the option to make the hat as fancy as possible.
● Handmade beanie- This type of Merino Wool Beanie is handmade without involving any automated machinery. It’s time consuming to make these type of hats but they are really unique and rare. It’s so soft to wear them on your head. This type of beanie is washable with normal water very easily.

You could see that there are many types of beanie available. All of them are equally good and stylish. You can get them in online websites and in retail outlets too. The good thing about online off-course is the huge savings you get. But truly speaking, it’s advisable to buy them after you get a feel of them. So the obvious choice is to buy them from normal shops instead of online sites.