Special features of new Nintendo 3D emulator

In last few years 3DS Emulation software has become very popular worldwide compared to other emulator. Nintendo 3D emulator is one of them. Here developer attempts to runs on 4-core processors, which does not require BIOS files and supports 3dsroms (Random Access Memory). Nintendo 3ds emulator is a compact and portable console. Console a flat board that contains the controls of hardware. It is the advance version of emulator DS in 3D form develop by Nintendo in Japan. It is capable of 3D display. The 3D used here is stereoscopic type.

Specialty of Stereoscopic 3D:
1. No need of wear 3D glass and additional accessories.
2. Here you can detect he depth and height in your naked eye.
3. Two cameras are used here to capture two different images from different angle of a picture.
Feature of a Nintendo 3ds emulator:
• Portable and light weight, so easy to carry.
• Stereoscopic 3D effects.
• Console for Full control during game.
• High quality surrounding sound.
• Dual screen (option for 2D or 3D).
• Memory card expandable up to 2GB.
• Optimization tool for auto adjust for different to roms.
• Compatible with different CPU and graphic card.
• No separate BIOS are required.
• After loading the roms it will take care itself.
• PC, MAC and Android version also available.
• Simple power circuit like any mobile charge system.

Additional features:
 E-shop for its consumers to download limited game for free.
 Milverse, a social networking site like face book and WhatsApp.
 A browser for net browsing.
 Hulu plus for movie and live streaming TV and YouTube, Nintendo for videos.
 Swap note/ Nintendo letter box for messaging and Mii maker.

With 3D gaming experience, additional feature like social networking, live TV and videos and web browser make the 3ds emulator more attractive. After lunching android version its demand increase like an impulse as presently a lot of people are using android phones worldwide.