Some reasons why people do Ear stretching?

ear stretching has one more name called gauging, this gains more popularity in many western societies but this is very famous in the United States in these days. There are so many people think that what is the right meaning of stretching? Don’t worry I will tell you, this is a process in which a healed piercing has the ability to enlarged slowly with the help of progressively huge pieces of jewelry. This stretching of ear takes some time and this is done patiently and slowly or the best thing is at time of piercing they avoid tearing of earlobe.

When you do piercing and after some times when they were stretched as far you want, then you can easily enjoy wearing hollow jewelry and wide gauge in you enlarged hole. There are so many reasons of doing ear stretching; people love to do stretching with their ear piercing hole. This process is little bit paining but people have love to get it done. Some reasons are enlisted below in this article you can easily read and take some knowledge about ear stretching.
Here are some reasons of doing ear stretching –
This is one type of trend which people follow, in other words you can say it body modification and body piercing trend is come in waves. In the western states or in United States this trend is fashionable for many years. In 2009 more than thousands of people in the United States choose this trend for body modification.
Cultural tradition-
Now, this is a trend but in ancient times this ear stretching is a cultural tradition of indigenous and tribal culture in all over the world. Tribal people do this stretching with their wears and indicated the respect for their culture. In old days, tribal think that with this ear piercing they always stay connected with their cultural roots.
These are some reasons of doing ear stretching.