Plastic surgery implications is just one example of plastic surgery. Happily, for Kaley Cuoco this surgery enhanced her look, her sex appeal, her attractiveness and has earned her a lot of praise for the size and shape of her boobs. Another great example is Jane Fonda who after multiple cosmetic surgeries looks stunning and more attractive each time.

Not all celebrities are that lucky though. There are several of them who pay a handsome amount in order to go under the knife only to look far worse than they did initially or to look totally unnatural or even at times hideous. They end up with facial features which make them look repulsive and at times there is nothing which they can do to repair the damage.

Celebrities are very conscious of their looks and that is the reason why they not only favor but they are always contemplating on different kinds of plastic surgery they need. The reason for this is that these celebrities are very insecure. They fear if they do not look as attractive as before or if they are found to show their real age, the roles they get in movies or serials will decrease. Singers feel that the number of fans they have will dwindle if they do not have that sex appeal which they would exude earlier. They also are scared that the younger generation will consider them too old and therefore their fan base will decrease which will directly have an impact on their income and thus cramp their lifestyle.

However, plastic surgeries are not fool proof or guaranteed to make you look better than you do. There are several celebrities such as Donatella Versace, Michael Jackson, Axl Rose, Hunter Tylo, Heidi Montag and so many other celebrities who have ended up looking so unnatural as a result of botched plastic surgery.