Old is always gold- Clichéd but true

It might be one of the most clichéd things to say now but; Old is gold. No matter how much you deny it, it is always the old, tested and true objects that come out on top whenever they go up against newer iterations. New things and objects, replacements for the original, keep coming out in whichever field we talk about but they can never have that same charm and that same allure that the original has; and the very same logic applies to video games as well.

We have reached a world where video games are now indistinguishable from what they were a few years ago. It was not a very long time ago that video games meant pixels on a small black and white screen. It is incredible when you think how much video games have travelled from that early times to the point today when we have highly realistic graphics of giving movies a run for their money. New games and gaming devices have flooded the market and it is increasingly becoming difficult to choose the best of the bunch as most of the games do turn out to be mind blowing. Despite all this, classics such as counter strike, DOTA, Runescape still live on and remain fan favorites, proving the point that old is always gold.

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The fact that there are still millions of active players on Runescape just shows you how huge this game is even today. It is not possible to pinpoint what it actually is that makes this classic great, but its allure has certainly hung around even today. And now, you can even sell runescape gold to make money. Playing video games and making money off of it, why not.