Know all about NBA 2k18 VC

nba 2k18 vc is a set of codes that are released by 2k sports. It helps you to provide virtual currency in the series of Nba 2k. The main concept of NBA 2k18 is to provide virtual currency. The users usually have to purchase from his money this vc in the game. It can be used for the various purposes such as encouraging players to attribute so that they can play fast in the game. It is very easy to collect these locker codes. Nba 2k18 helps you in making the game more enthusiastic as it will help you in adding some more features to the game.

Steps to get NBA 2k18 VC in your game
Preorder the game- make sure to order the game beforehand, when you order this game you will get 5000 VC and 10 VC weekly as my team pack. However, all this can be only possible if your pre-order. So make sure that you order the game before release.
• Legend edition- if you can pay $139 for the legend edition with O’ Neal on the cover then you will get 100000 VC and 20 VC weekly, and all this is for free.
• Update NBA 2k18 VC – when you update the game then you will get 250000 VC and 40 weekly.
• Play NBA 2k18 VC daily- you should play the daily as it helps you to provide various opportunity so that you can earn more and more VC. Daily rewards are available.

Benefits of NBA 2k18 VC
With the help of glitch, the players can gain many points. You do not have to purchase the VC online. In addition, to get this vc you only have to follow the list of instruction which will help you to offer various points. With the help of NBA 2k18 VC, you can easily increase the speed of the play. The players can get more points if they play the game at high speed. The players not only can win new version and can get a new experience.