Keto diet for Dogs with Epileptic Seizures

Most of the dog owners are feeding their beloved ones with canned and kibble food manufactured by big chow companies. Although they are extremely popular in the stores, however they are bound to cause serious diseases to your dogs when fed for over a period of time. If you are person who doesn’t want to put your dog in crisis you should essentially know the best pet nutrition at least when it is diagnosed with most common ailment referred as epilepsy.

What is epilepsy in dogs?

Some of the pet owner might witnessed epileptic seizures, a truly pathetic sight of your dogs. Dogs are best companions to human and they shower their unconditional love to their pet parents at all times and be an essential comfort when you are emotionally down. Therefore, when you witness your canine suffer seizure, it is a pretty worst situation. But what is epilepsy with dogs and how can you treat the disease? Epilepsy is most common neurological illness in dogs, occurs when the carbs levels becomes unstable and goes higher. Generally, when you take your canine to a vet, he prescribes medication to treat the disease however they wane in showing benefits when administered for a consistent period. To put an end to all these problems ketogenic diet for dogs came into existence.

Keto diet for Epilepsy

Keto diet are food that consists of low carb with high fats and proteins. This keto diet for dogs is the best treatment for fighting epilepsy and a best remedy since it doesn’t contain any side effects. They are basically fresh and healthy food.

Final Thoughts

Dogs with epilepsy responded well with this keto diet. The keto diet for dogs works fine when the protein and fats ratios are improved and enhances a better functionality of the digestive system, thereby resulting in the betterment of overall health of the diseased canines.