Filipino maid (菲傭); no concern for housework anymore!

Are you looking for a Filipino maid (菲傭) for your kid? This is quite common these days for affluent people. Rich people like to have these maids from Philippines, as they are famous for their training and their superior social manners. They are trained in their countries to render best services and earn a name for their country as well. The Filipinos are generally very fluent in English language and they can be very good teachers of manners to your kids. They take care of the kids in a way that makes them very independent and they raise them in the right manner!

It is a fashion all over the world to raise kids with a foreign maid but it is particularly true for affluent people. This is because only rich people can afford to have these Filipinos, as they are very expensive too. The Filipinos are expensive, as they have to leave their families behind for the work that they do for others. There are emotional strings attached as well to this business. It is obviously an act of great courage and sacrifice to have to leave your own house and work in someone else’s. If the pays are greater for foreign workers then there is solid reason behind this.
A Filipino maid (菲傭) is going to be expensive but there are many benefits as well attached. They are trained in the art of domestic work and child rearing. You do not have to go through the pains of training a novice. As easy as you may think it, it is a duty of great magnitude to train your servant according to the best principles of housekeeping. The servants come from a totally different class than yours and this is why they will have nothing in common with you and your standards. Hire foreign worker and live easy!