Do Not Installwasapplus without Reading This Article

Do you have Whatsappon your phone? Are you planning to download Whatsapp Plus soon? Why? Is not Whatsapp not satisfying for you? If that is the reason, then here you go – Though you really should not download Whatsapp Plus like ever. Why?

Well, that question has multiple unpleasant answers. Fortunately, that’s what this article is all about. In this article, you will hopefully understand why Whatsapp Plus is trouble and you should never download it or use it for that matter. Just stick with Whatsapp for now. Let’s find out why Whatsapp Plus is a bad news.
No Installwasapplus Option in App Stores
• Did it never occur to why as to why WhatsApp Plus is not available on play stores? There must be a good reason for that.
• There is not even a single trace of WhatsApp Plus on Google play store.
• If you want to download it, you have to find some strange website that provides it and download it.
• One known safe and decent website is this one – The website is good, the app is still unsafe and lets find out how & why?
Why Is WhatsApp Plus Not Safe?
• For starters, WhatsApp Plus has way more features stuffed inside of it than WhatsApp. So many features that you never really find all of them.
• Another WhatsApp Plus can violate your privacy if you’re both WhatsApp Plus users. So that’s a big one. Even if you set up your privacy setting right, Another user can still mess with your privacy.

• That’s not weird. The weird thing is that WhatsApp Plus actually warns people about these possible privacy violations while encouraging them to download the app.
• The point is that it’s neither safe nor secure. Better to stay away from it.
The website – This website will provide you with a link to download Whatsapp Plus if wish to. Listen to the popular opinion about the app and stay away from it. Be Wise.