Cape Town tours the city of port in South Africa

Cape Town tours are a pleasure to visit the city of port, which is located on the southwest coast of South Africa. It is beneath the table mountain. Cable cars are there which rotates to the top of the flat mountain. From there can have an eye-catching city view? Then there are boats which are moving towards Robben Island, the famous and dangerous prison where Nelson Mandela was being imprisoned.

How to reach Cape Town
• Many options can opt from Johannesburg to Cape Town if you are short on time can fly to Cape Town.
• Then there are options of trains also. It’s reasonable or well-priced than air. Scenic beauty while traveling through train is very beautiful. It takes around 26-28 hours.
• Buses are also available from Johannesburg to Cape Town.
• The trains run only on Thursday and Tuesday. It leaves Johannesburg on 10.40 and reaches by 12.40 pm.
The Cape Town tours
• Cape Town tours are so many categories. We will start with a cultural tour of tour cape town related to culture. Which have the township tour, includes a visit to Robben Island?
• In Cape Town, there is a walk to freedom tour.
• Then visit Bo-kaap which has bright colored architecture and cape Malay.
• The largest and oldest township of Langa, where you can learn the culture named Xhosa.
• In Gugulethu, you can watch artist and craftsman work.
• The largest township in South Africa is Khayelitsha which is a local walking tour.
The famous Rabben Island tour
It is a significant place in the world’s history. It is famously known as island prison on the planet. Nelson Mandela, who is considered as the most famous prisoner of the world, is being imprisoned here. Who is the world famous leader though a political? Cape Town tours will remain incomplete without visiting the home/prison of Nelson Mandela that is Rabben Island.