Advantages of Window Security

When contemplating window accessories, personal security and home needs to be your priorities.
Improving your Windows for Home Security
The latest comprehensive data in the FBI reveal that over 2 million burglaries were committed in 2008. Of those, 32.3 percent were defined as ‘unlawful entrances’, meaning that no force was used, while 61.2 percent included forcible entrance. The typical dollar loss per burglary was . $2,079 Although preliminary reports for 2009 reveal a small decline (1.7 percent), these figures emphasize the value of window accessories that enhance your home security.

Burglars are generally opportunists–an unlocked or open window is an opportunity not to be missed. Ground level windows really are those not readily observable, particularly those at the back of the property or a common entry point for burglars.
Burglars seldom break windows to go into a home since they need to avoid calling attention to themselves.
Window locks can substantially enhance your home security and become a deterrent to would be burglars looking for simple entry.
New windows are often installed with and/or locks locking fasteners.
In case your windows do not have locks, you can fit secondary locks and/or replace fasteners or the hooks with lockable ones.
transparent burglar bars are another useful security option for windows that are readily accessible.
When fitting window burglar bars and locks, make sure the key can be accessed by you readily within an emergency–you may require to move out fast.

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